Chapter 15: Cat Tree for your kitten

Your kitten is enjoying exploring his new forever home, jumping up and down from the sofa, the chairs, the chest of drawers etc… basically the whole forniture in your house, so you just start wondering…Does my cat need a cat tree? Is it a good idea buy one? What do I need to look for when I buy a cat tree?

When we got Otto, initially we bought a small scratcher but after a couple of months, because he was growing up, we realised that we neede to buy him a bigger one.

We decided to buy him a cat tree so he could play with it, stay active and healthy and at the same time scartch his claws on in and not on our furniture!!!

Cats, in the wild, don’t only explore the horizontal side of the world but they make use also of vertical aspects of the enviroment. They love to have vertical space, for safety, comfort and hunting.

In the wild, infact, they climb up trees to be able to observe what’s going on around them from a safe place and they use trees to target prey or get away from predators.

So for an idoor cat, a cat tree is the best option to follow his natural instincts!

But there very solid and good reasons why you should buy a cat tree for your fur baby:

  1. Keep your cat active and fit: cat trees allow to your kitty to get exercise encouraging him to jump up and down which it is great for keeping his muscles in top condition, without walk him on a leash outside.
  2. Give him a safe personal place: The tree will provide your cat with a safe space that it belongs to only him, where he can groom himself and sleep without being disturbed.
  3. It’s an excellent way to keep them amused and entertained: It can provide hours of endless fun. Especially if you’re not at home for long periods of time, the tree and all its extras will keep your kitty occupied and engaged, keeping him from taking out his boredom by scratching couches and chairs! Your kitty will be happy to be able to jump from perch to perch and play with attached toys of the cat tree!
  4. It will avoid your furniture to be scratched: a cat tree will redirect the desire of your kitty to scratch his claws to a place that is acceptable. Cat trees are typically completely covered in carpet. Most cat trees also come with special locations that have either sisal or rope for your cat to scratch!
  5. Give to your cat a control point: Cats feel like the king of the castle and they like to climb onto high-raised furniture where they can sit for hours looking down and keep an eye on what’s going on in the house. A cat tree with an high spot will give a sense of control and will avoid your cat jumping around on your furniture t reach the highest point of the house!
  6. Increase your cat’s territory: a cat tree is a great way to increase vertical territory. If you have more than one cat it’s a really good opportunity for more than one cat to share a close space while maintaining any sort of pecking order. Infact, the different levels of the perches allow cats to be close together but not right next to each other.

So, it’s defenitly a smart and good choice investing in a cat tree!

On the market there so many different options that you can purchase but there are some few factors to keep in mind when you choose a cat tree:

  1. Wide and sturdy base: Make sure it has a wide base. The base of a cat tree needs to be sturdy enough to keep it from tipping over or wobbling when your kitten climbs on even because when your cat will be fully grown, he will weigh between 7 and 20 pounds and a wide sturdy base will make sure the cat tree won’t fall when your cat is on it enjoying jumping un and down!
  2. Different levels: look for a cat tower with different levels! Make sure your cat tree has various scratching surfaces, sitting, sleeping, and hiding areas on different levels. This will give t your cat new spots to explore and it will keep him entertained for long times.
  3. Hang toys: they are a really good plus to a cat tree because they make it even more tempting and enjoyable for your kitty!
  4. Size: make sure to purchase a  cat tree big enough for your cat to fit comfortably!
  5. Cat personality: take in consideration your cat personality when you decide to purchase a cat tree!
  6. Price: High-quality cat furniture are quite expensive. So, be prepared to spend some money if you want to purchase a good quality and durable one!

When we decide to buy a cat tree for our Otto, we looked for oa good one on line and at the pet store for a long time until we found the right one for Otto and for us.

We bought it on Amazon and Otto loved it instantly. It’s good quality, has 3 sleeping spot and 3 hiding spots. Also it has a big scratch pole built in and It came with an attachted plush ball which the cat can play with. Top notch was that scratching washable pads and an extra plush ball were included!

I have to say that it wasn’t cheap at all but it was worth the money!

It has been the best purchase ever! Otto loves sleep on the highest level of the tree and enjoys play with the attached ball! He spends hours playing with it! He also loves scratch his claws on it and stretch himself on the big pole after a nap! Since we bought it, the sofa and the whole apartement forniture don’t exist anymore for Otto!

We are so happy to have a playful, loving and healthy kitty! We loove you so much little Otto!

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