Chapter 13: Cat Grass

Your beautiful and playful kitten is enjoying his new life with you in his forevere home, he’s purring at you shiwing his love and affection and he is alsway excited when it’s eating time. But you are thinking. . .Do cat eat cat grass? Is it essentiat for them eating grass? How do I grow cat grass if my cat lives indoor and I don’t have a garden?

Well, while we were spending time with Otto in our flat, we didn’t really think we should have get him cat grass and we thought he didn’t need it.

Only when my husband’s sister talk us about it we realized that we had to know more about to decide if it was a good idea get it for our Otto.

In the wild, cats don’t need to eat much grass because when they hunt their prey, they eat the whole animal (bones excluded) so they gets all the nutrients and fibres they need in the diet. Instead, home cats normally eat can food that contains a lower amount of fibre. So, home cats might introduce the right amount of fibre in their diet hunting in your garden or ingesting fibrous foods such as cat grass.

Cat grass is a variety of grass that may appeal to your cat for nibbling on and ingesting. It grows from rye, barley, oat or wheat seeds.

Cat grass is also a safe and healthy alternative to outdoor grass, avoiding that your kitty will go niblbling in your neighbour garden, possibly treated with pesticides, toxic for him. For indoor cats it’s a good alternative to have a nice and healthy taste os the outside world.

It provides your cat with an opportunity to engage in a natural behavior. For outdoor cats, an indoor garden provides a healthy alternative to nibbling on the neighbors’ possibly pesticide-laced lawn. For indoor cats, it offers a delicious taste of the outdoors.

It’s also great addiction to your cat’s diet and he can benefit from eating occasionaly for these reasons:

  • It’s a good supplement to cats’ diet because it contains niacin and B vitamins.
  • It helps your cat digestion. Eating cat grass, your kitty introduces in his digestive system more fibres easing digestion process.
  • It helps your cat getting rid of his system any potential toxins or something he is not able to digest, inducing the vomit.
  • It can help coughing up hair balls. Indoor cats spend most of their day grooming themselves: this eases the formation of hair balls. Eating cat grass regularly can prevent the build-up of hairballs in their stomach.

So, when we realized that it was a really good idea getting cat grass for our kitty, especially because Otto lives indoor and we just have a balcony in our apartament, we looked around for a good option.

You can buy Cat grass online or in your pet store. There are available on the market a variety of kitty grass kits which contain everything you need, including seeds, soil and a potting container.

That’s what we went for. We bought it on-line ( and it was very unexpensive and easy to use.

When the kit arrived, we started immediatily to set it up so our little Otto could have his cat grass very soon.

All we had to do was following the instructions on the box and there we go cat grass!!!

Growing cat grass is very simple, just follow the instructions contained in your box and keep in mind these tips:

  1. Before the seeds sprout, keep them damp and don’t soak them. Once the sprouts appear, use less water.
  2. The seeds will sprout in 3 to 7 days
  3. Keep it in natural light and spray it with water daily
  4. The grass will be ready to be eaten by your kitty in 10- 14 days or once it has reached a height of four inches
  5. Allow your cat to eat directly from the pot or the container you used to grow the cat grass.
  6. It should last 1-3 weeks.
  7. When the grass starts to change colour, plant a new container.

When we introduced the cat grass to Otto, it took a few good minutes before he ralized that it could eat and play with it. I have to say that he spent most of day playing and chewing now and then the cat grass and he kept eating it day by day until he saw the end of it! It was so much fun seeing Otto enjoying his cat grass!

We love you so much Otto!

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