Chapter 8: Litter and Litter Box

You are finally feeding your fur baby with good quality food and he is enjoying his food but when it’s time to poo, which will be the best litter to use? And which type of litter box does a better job?

Well, when we took our Otto home, we had already set up the litter box with litter. We picked a nice close litter box with filter to reduce the odors just because the only spot avialable in our flat, where we could place the litter box, was our second bathroom. We also decide to keep using the same litter box the breeder was using at least for the first period just to help our kitty to settle nicely in his new home. Only later we started to try different litters to find the right one for us and for our kitten.

I have to say that when we had look for the litter box online and in the shop, we found so many options to choose from! Maybe even too many!

These are the different types of litter boxes available at the moment on the market:

  1. Covered litter box
  2. Uncovered litter box
  3. Self-cleaning litter box
  4. Hidden litter box


Covered Litter box

It consists in a tray that has a cover. This can be removed easily for the cleaning. It also has a small front door that allows the cat to go inside and a carbon filter to help controlling odours.


  1. It offers more privacy than an open box.
  2. It help to contain odours, litter spread, and urine spray.


  1. The filter is exposed on top of the hood.
  2. You will need a good amount of needs litter to fill the pan.
  3. It needs to be avoid if your cat has asthma or arthritis.


Uncovered Litter box

It consists in a big tray without cover.


  1. It’s easy to scoop.
  2. It’s easy to clean. Just scoop out the poo when it needs to be clean and just easily  pour out the litter if you need to completely empty the box!
  3. It’s affordable for your pockets!


  1. May offer less odour protection than a covered box
  2. It’s offers less privacy than a covered box


Self cleaning litter box

It consists in a covered automatic self-cleaning box that use a sifting process to separate waste from clean litter. Sifted waste is collected in a waste drawer and all you have to do is s empty it out, refill it with the litter.


  1. It’s automatic and self-cleaning.
  2. It reduces odour build-up.
  3. It has low maintenance.


  1. It is very expensive compared to traditional litter boxes prices.
  2. It can sometimes be noisy.
  3. It requires electricity to work.


Hidden Litter box:

It’s basically a litter box hidden in nice furniture and it contains filtered vented system that controls odours and dust.


  1. It’s particularly suitable for smaller apartments.
  2. It’s a perfect addition to the home interior that will look nice and match the style of your apartment.


  1. It might be not very easy to clean.
  2. Your cat might not like it.


Now it’s time to pick a litter box for kitten but which one will be the bets for you and for him?

Here, you can find some handy suggestion to help to make the right choice:

  1. Make sure the litter box is big enough for you cat:  pick one that is the right size and allow him to have enough space to step all the way into the box, turn around comfortably and dig a hole to do his business!
  2. If you choose an open litter box, pick one with the right height: when you are choosing a litter box, make sure to check out the sides of the box. Almost all cats are okay with semi-high sides, but a kitten needs a litter box with shorter sides so it’s easy for him to access it and use it.
  3. Buy different types of boxes and see which one your cat likes and it’s good for you as well! It might take few tries but it will be worth it!

Now, the only thing you need is the litter! After using for a while the same litter suggested by the breeder, we decided to look for a good litter for the kitten and for us. Even this time we found on the market so many different options to pick from!!!

These are the types of litter you can find:

  1. Clay Litter
  2. Clumping Litter
  3. Crystal Litter
  4. Recycled paper Litter
  5. Pine,Wheat or Corn Litter


Clay Litter

It is dried pulverized clay. This absorbs the urine and gives the cat something to dig and bury the stool with.


  1. It’ easy to clean. You just need to scoop it put the poo and change the litter regularly.
  2. It’s very cheap.


  1. It can stick to your cat’s paw. This mean that it can track easily around your house and you might find yourself sweeping up after you cat finished his business!
  2. It doesn’t control odours very well.


Clumping Litter

It is made with a clay base that makes the clumps stick together into balls when it comes in contact with fluids. This is makes easy to scoop out the faeces and urines and remove the main cause of the odours.


  1. It’s easy to find.
  2. It’s not very expensive.
  3. It controls odours quite well.
  4. It’s easy to clean.


  1. As for the clay one, it can stick to your cat’s paw. This mean that it can track easily around your hose and you might find yourself sweeping up after you cat finished his business!


Crystal Litter

It’s a silicone-based litter that absorb urine, the moisture in faeces and the odours.


  1. It’s super absorbent, so you don’t need to use too much.
  2. It’s easy to clean.
  3. It’s low dust.


  1. It’s quite expensive.
  2. It can, as the clay and the clumping litter, stick to the paws and track around the house.


Recycled paper Litter

It’s a biodegradable type of litter and it is formed into large pellets made from recycled paper.


  1. It’s very absorbent.
  2. It controls odours quite well.
  3. It doesn’t stick to the paws and it doesn’t track.
  4. It’s dust free.


  1. Your cat might end up playing with the pellets!


Pine, Wheat or Corn Litter

These are other types of biodegradable litters and they neutralize odours right in the box.


  1. They don’t stick easily in your cat paws, so they don’t track easily around the house.
  2. They control well the odours.
  3. They are easy to clean. Some brands are even flushable in the toilet!
  4. They are lower in dust.


  1. Your cat might try to eat it especially if you opt for a wheat or corn litter and this is not good for your cat’s health!


Here some tips to choose the right litter for you and your fur baby and get the best results:

  1. For the first period use the same litter the breed was using; when the kitten is settled in nicely you can start to change the litter.
  2. If you want to change the type of litter, just do it gradually by mixing more and more of the new litter into the old until you end up using only the new litter.
  3. When you starting your new kitten out in a type of litter, continue to use the same type for his whole life.
  4. Make sure it’s low dust or dust free because dust can cause respiratory problems to cats.
  5. Try to find the type that suits your home and your pockets.
  6. Try to find a litter that your cat likes and enjoy to use it.
  7. Always make sure you have a scoop to clean the litter box. This will make your life easier when it’s time to clean!
  8. Make sure to put a litter box mat under the litter box so you will keep the floor clean and you cat will not carry any litter around the house

For us choosing the right litter for our Otto was quite a job and it took a lot of effort and many tries! But this was all worth it because we found a litter that Otto likes and that we likes!! We initially decided to try the recycled paper litter. It looked a good option at the start. It was easy to clean, good odours control and no pellets stuck on Otto’s paws. And also, Otto was quite happy to use it. So, you might think: you found your litter! Well, we though the same thing until one day we discover Otto playing with pellets and trying to hide them under the bathmat!

So, we decided to try another litter. We picked a non-clumping litter this time. I have to say that it was a good litter. It was not sticking much under Otto’s paws, but it was tracking a bit around the house and also after a while we realised the odours control wasn’t the best.

We end up trying another litter. After have done an extensive reserch and have read tons of reviews on Zooplus (, this time around we opted for a clumping litter ( and with our surprise we finally found the right one!!! This litter, which we are still using now, is easy to clean, it last long, it just sticks slightly to Otto’s paws and it doesn’t track that much. Also, we discovered that Otto likes it and he is very happy to use it! He enjoys digging his hole in it when it’s time for his toilet business!

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