Chapter 7: How to choose good quality food for your kitten and where to buy it

You just got your kitten and chose the type of diet you want to feed him but how are you going to find a good quality food for him? And where you can buy it without spend a fortune?

Well, before we got our Otto, my husband and I spent few days researching on the web to obtain information regarding good quality food for kitten. We really wanted to be well aware and able to choose good feed for him so we decided to inscribe our self to a couple of on-line pet group and also to a forum called “Pet Forums (

I have to say that this forum was very helpful for us and they submerged us without such very good suggestions and tips regarding kitten feeding. Thanks to that, we learned how to recognise a good quality food from a rubbish one and now I’m able to help you to make the right choice for your kitten!

We actually discovered that you can understand if it’s good quality food just reading the labels but you need to know what to look for!

Well, first of all, the label allows you to distinguish whether a food is complete or complementary. You have to pay close attention to this difference because it affects the health of the cat. The complete food in fact is balanced food able, on its own, to fully meet the cat’s nutritional requirements in every single meal. The complementary food instead needs to be combined with a complete food in order to ensure the correct nutritional intake.

Also on the packaging must be specified that it is food formulated for kittens. Infact this type of food is able to meet the nutritional needs of kittens because it contains all the minerals, vitamins, proteins and fibers that the kitten needs for a healthy and balanced diet. Formulated kitten food also contains more protein than adult cat food because kittens need a higher protein requirement. So giving a formulated kitten food ensure that you kitten will gwon healty and happy.

But this is not all!

It’s also very important check the ingridients contained in the food. Here you can find a list of the ingridients that should alway be present in kittens food:

  1. Meat: it’s a good sources of protein, rich in essential fatty acids, iron and some B vitamins.
  2. Fish: it’s a good source of high-quality protein. It contains iodine and it’s also an ‘excellent source of calcium and phosphorus because often the bones are frequently ground during the preparation of the fish. It contains vitamin A and D and omega 3 that support the immune system and are natural anti-inflammatory.
  3. Dairy products and eggs: contains highly digestible proteins and they are enriched of  calcium and a number of essential vitamins.
  4. Vegetables: provide a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  5. Unsaturated fats and oil: they provide an energy intake and essential fatty acids, they are important for optimal health, reproduction and a shiny hair.

There also ingridienr tha shouldn’t be or present in very small quantity in the kitten food:

  1. Cereals and derivatives: they don’t have absolute nutritional importance for kittens and cat. It’s better if they are present in small quantity
  2. Sugar: it is not essential to his well-being. It’s not metabolized by the cat and he burns sugars with difficulty.
  3. Additives: food for kittens and cats should be free of appetizers and artificial dyes.

After you checked the ingridients in the label, the next step it’s to check in which order the ingridients are listed on the label and read carefully what it’s written in the list.

So the ingridients will be listed from the one that will be quantitatively the largest present in the food to the lesss present. So if the firs ingridient of the food is cereals, this means that it made with a big quantity of cereal. So alway make sure that first ingrident is the meat but pay attention on what it actually written on the label! If infact you find it’s written “Meat and animal by-product(4% lamb)”, even if the meat is first ingridient of the list, it means that in the food there is only 4% of meat!!!

Last but not least, you need to read the Nutritional Chart anch check these values:

  1. Protein: the minimum recommended dose as nutritional requirement for a kitten dry food is between 33-35% and 25-30% for an adult cat. If the the proteins on the product are not animal but plant just consider the as the amount of it is lower because they are difficult to dygest and a good quantity get lost with the stool. In the wet food the amount is arount 10-12%
  2. Fat: it is the main source of energy for your cat and the right amount of fat should be between 10 and 20%
  3. Fibres: they are a really important ingridient because they help the digestive sistem of your cat. The normal quantity of fiber in the dry food should be from 2.5 to 5%, while in the wet food it can be even lower.
  4. Ash: they are mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and all other salts essential for cat health. There is not a right amount of it because usually minerals are put according to what the cat needs.
  5. Water: in dry food the amount is betwenn 9% to 14%, in the wet foos is much higher and is roughly around 70-80%
  6. Carbohydrates: they provides energy and helps with nutrient absorption. Their quantity is not specified on the chart for dry food but you calculate it easly in this way: 100- %of proteins – %fat – %fibres -%ash -9%(water contained in dry food). Just make sure thei quantity is lower than 30%
  7. Taurine: it is essential for the heath of your cat and the quantity is nomally not indicate unless it adds to the food because the product has a lot of plan proteins
  8. Additives: make sure these are specified ad if they are not, just don’t choose that food for your kitten because probably it’s nood good for your kitty!

And now, finally there are som tips to keep in minf when you shop food for your kitten:

  1. Make sure it’s says on the box complete kitten food or cat food.
  2. Read the label.
  3. Check the ingredients composing the food.
  4. Check the nutritional chart.
  5. Make sure the meat is the first ingredient.
  6. But different flavours and textures so you can find out what your cat enjoy the most!

So now you are able to choose a good quality food for your kitten but you don’t know where to buy it. Thank to the pet forum ad the pet groups we joined on line, we found out a couple of very good website where to shop high quality food for your kitten. We suggest Zooplus ( and Bitiba ( These are the best on-line pet shop we found. Zooplus has so many good options for good kitten food and also the prices are very inexpensive! There are always promotions and discount and also there are available trial packs so you can just buy few cans or a small bag of nibbles to try before you decide to put a big order in! I think this is amazing just because you can let your fur baby try the food and make sure that he likes it before ordering a large quantity! We personally ordered Feringa Kitten Poultry as nibbles ( and Feringa Menu Kitten ( and Rosie’s Farm ( as wet food. These have been a good catch, they are high quality food and our Otto enjoys every single meal! Every single time I fill his bowl, he’ll come running to eat his food!

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