Chapter 6: How to feed yor kitten

You have your fur baby at home and he’s meowing at you because he is hungry but what you should give him to eat? How much food and how often? Nibbles or wet food?

Well, when we brought our kitty at home, we asked to the breed which food and how much was feeding the kitten so we could keep giving to him  the same food he was used to and make him settle him in our home nicely.

Our breeder said that he was feeding him with Whiskas wet food pouches and he was giving to him as much as he wanted. 

So we kept feeding him with the same wet food, mainly because if we were making a sudden change of his diet combined with the stress of adapting to a new environment, we could cause him a stomach upsets and also potentially diarrhoea. We also decided to give him small amount of food quite often during the all day because kittens have small stomach and can be upset quite easily if overfed.

Luckily, thanks to the research that we did and the suggestion obtained by pet groups and pet forum we joined online time ahead before we got Otto, we knew already that Whiskas wasn’t a good food to help our kitten growing healthy and happy. So, after few weeks we decided to start to introducing slowly a new very good quality wet food to our kitten.

In a week time we managed to remove the previous type of wet food completely and start to giving him only the good one. We’ve been so lucky because he liked the new food very quickly and he enjoyed very well. 

So, while the weeks were passing by, we manage to introduce another type of very good quality wet food, approved even this time very quickly from our fur baby!

Same thing happend when we introduced a good type of nibbles, almost an instant success!!!

We basicallly opted for a combined wet and dry food for our kitten diet but you can acutally choose from 2 main differet types of diet and there are pros and cons for each fo them:

Wet food only

This diet consist in feeding your kitty exclusively with wet food.


  1. It keeps your cat hydrated because contain an extremely high amount of water. In the wild, cats would receive most of their hydration from the prey that they would eat and wet food is very close to your kitty’s natural prey diet.
  2. Allows to avoid urinary problems especially in indoor neutered cats because they can keep themselves well hydrated eating
  3. It contains better quality ingredients, more meat which means more protein, and fewer carbohydrates and this is great because cats are carnivore,
  4. It’s perfect for your cat’s weight loss or maintenance, since the water contained in wet food helps your pet feel full.
  5. Contains less preservatives than dry food and it generally doesn’t contain artificial flavours or colours, either.
  6. It’s easy to eat for your kitty
  7. You can offer a very large of wet variety of flavour to your kitten
  8. It’s particularly good for your cat health.


  1. It is more expensive than dry food
  2. Once you open a cat of wet food, you can keep it in the fridge only for few days, so it will not las longer as a bag of nibbles!


Dry food only

It consists in feeding your cat just nibbles.


  1. It is more convenient, cheaper, and in any event, easier-to-store.
  2. It can benefit a cat’s dental hygiene.
  3. It can be fed free choice so you can leave the food out for the entire day


  1. Contains less water than dry food which means tat your kitten can be easily dehydrated just because cats don’t have as strong a thirst drive as dogs do.
  2. Can cause urinary problems because your cat doesn’t introduce as much water as when eating wet food in his diet
  3. Contains less meat, so less proteins
  4. It Contains more preservatives to maintain its great shelf-life

You can aso combine the two diets and feed your cat with dry and wet food. This will make you able to a good healthy diet to yout kitten and getting all the advantages from both tyoe of dite with very few disadvantages. This will make you growh a healty and happy cat!

Just to make you aware there are also another type of diet which are very good for cats. It requires quite a bit of work but if you have the time, it will be worth it! It’s the “raw diet”.

Raw Diet

It’s a mixture of meat, ground bones, organ meats, and other food that are not cooked. Once the food is ground and mixed together, it’s freeze dried or frozen to keep it fresh until it is fed to the cat.


  1. It’ a natural diet for a cat’s digestive system because wild cats catch their prey and typically eat the muscle meat, organs, some bones, and even the stomach contents of what they catch.
  2. It retains more nutrients
  3. It will provide much more energy than commercial pet food


  1. It’s risky to feed raw meat because the bacteria can still be present and could possibly make cats sick
  2. It’s quite expensive
  3. Ensuring your cat gets a balanced raw diet can be challenging
  4. It’s Difficult to introduce the diet to the cat and it will require time and effort

For us choosing the type of diet to give to our kitten was quite easy. We went for a combined wet and dry food diet and we planned to give him mostly wet food and just dry food when we were out for work or just few nibbles to snack during the night.

These are some tips to keep in mind to feed you kitty and help him growing healty and happy whatever type of diet you choose:

  1. You should feed your kitten with food formulated for kittens because they have different nutritional needs to the adult grown cat
  2. Give him same food used by breeder because a sudden change of diet combined with the stress of adapting to a new home can cause stomach upsets and diarrhoea
  3. Feed him with small amount of food and very often because kittens have small stomach and can be upset quite easily if overfed
  4. Make sure he always has fresh drinking water at all times even if you feeding him with only wet food
  5. Do not give your kitten cow’s milk, it can cause him diarrhoea. If you wish to feed milk use one that is formulated for cats

We really couldn’t be more lucky with our Otto, because he adpated wery well to his wet and dry diet without any problems at all and he’s growing so fast and quickly in an amazing beautiful healty cat!

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