Chapter 5: Settling your kitten his forever home

You just brought home your kitty and now how you are going to help me settling in his forever home?

When we left the breeder house, we just walked home with our kitten in the carrier and we kept checking regurarly even if our flat was literally 10 minutes walking away from there. So we’ve been very lucky!

Anyway, if you’re planning to bring your fur baby home with car, these are some suggestions to take in consideration:

  1. Make sure to use a carrier to transport your kitten in the car ( it would ideal to put in the carrier a blanket o something similar with mama cat smell because this will help the kitten to feel comfortable.)
  2. Take regular breaks where your cat can have access to fresh water and food.
  3. Regularly check your kitty for signs of distress

Ideally you could ask to the breeder to give you a blanket or something similar with mam cat smell on it ot bring home along with your kitty: this will help him not only to relax during the travel but also to settle in during his first days in his new enviroment.

Unfortunately our breeder didn’t have any blanket with mama smells to give to us, but once again, in our case that wasn’t a big deal because we’ve been so fortunate that our kitty settled in very quickly and wonderfully!

When we arrived home, we just put the carrier on the floor and open the little door to let the kitten explore his new home. We let him take his time to get out and explored the new environment. Luckily, our home was very quite and peaceful as we dont’ have any children at the moment and basically the only two people in the house are my husband and I, so we didn’t have to set up a space just for our kitten.

We offered him food and water and prepared a fresh litter, ready to use. He found very quickly his litter box and started to use it straigh away without problems and also after a short investigation he found out his food and water bowls. He had a bit of food and water and then he went to hide himself under the sofa. So we decided not to force him to come out from under the sofa but to stay in the room watching TV or working on the computer and just let him take his time to get out and start to make himself comfortable in his new home.

After a while, he decided leave the sofa and go playing with my husband. He just played for alittle while and it went for a nap, guess where? Yes once again under the sofa!

This went over for few days, until one day he just decided to join me and my husband, who were watching TV, and sit up next my husband and start to purr at him! We couldn’t believe it!

Here, you can find some advice for you, based on my own experience, to help your kitty to settle in, :

  1. Let your kitten take his time to get out of the carrier and explore the new environment
  2. Offer him food and water but do not worry if he just shows a small interest for the food
  3. Let him find the litter box and explore it
  4. If you have a blanket with mama cat smell on it, place it in his bed to help him feel him at home
  5. If your kitten is sleeping, do not wake him up! Leave him sleep uninterrupted until he wakes up on his own
  6. If the kitten shows interest and he’s active, let him play but just do not force him if he looks anxious and not interested
  7. Spend time on the floor at kitten level with your kitty
  8. If by any chance your house is quite busy and noisy and you have children, it might be worth it to set up a space for your kitten in a quiet room to allow your kitty to settle in comfortably without any unnecessary stress. When he starts to settle in, you can start to move it where the centre of the activity in your house is.

From the day he decides to jump on the sofa and join us, it’s just keep getting better and he’s purring more and more every single day! It’s simply amazing the love that he’s showing to us with his purring and all his cuddles!!

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