Chapter 4: The Adoption Day

Finally, after you bought the essential things and you have kitten proofed your home, the big day has arrived!

Are you ready to go and collect your kitten?

Well, when my husband and I went to collect our cutie, we were really excited but at the same time very scared for two reason: number one, none of us took care of a pet since we were young and number two, we didn’t want to have too much high hopes because we were scammed before and we have been very sad about it after we’ve been left with empty hands. So the day before we went to get our kitty, we spoke with the breeder to ask him few questions to have some information and we also let him know that we would be going to collect him with a carrier. The next day was the adoption day and we were so thrilled to the thought that in few hours we could potentially have a new fur family member. We were so excited that we arrive very early at the house of the breeder, way too early but we had our little pet carrier with us ready and cozy for our kitten. I really suggest you getting a pet carrier to transport your cat for few reasons:

  1. Your kitty will be secure, safe and comfortable during the journey
  2. You can monitor him constantly
  3. He will be safe and he wont’ have chances to escape when you exit the car or any vehicle

It’s very important that you consider some factor when you pick the carrier for your kitty:

  1. Size: choose a carrier that allow your cat to turn around completely and lie down in it.
  2. Leak and bite-proof: Make sure the floor is leak-proof and the cat won’t be able to bite through the carrier
  3. Breathable: Choose a carrier where the air can enter and circulate freely

Also don’t’ forget to get your carrier ready before collecting your kitty!

Here there are some advice on how to get ready the carrier for the kitten:

  1. Put a blanket inside the carrier so he will be comfortable, cozy ad warm
  2. Put some toys inside so he will have something to play with and distract himself during the travel.

Now you are ready to go and collect your fur baby!

When we arrived at the breeder house, the breeder welcomed us in his home (always respecting social distancing) and brough the kittens in the living room. He had a litter of 3 kitty, 2 boys and a girl. My husband and I were looking for a boy and we had already told the breeder our preference.

Getting a boy or a girl, it’s all based on your preference, but I have some suggestion that can help you to make the right choice for you.

If you think to pick a boy, bear in mind this:

  1. Male cats tend to be bigger than females and can be friendlier than females.
  2. Intact male cats urinate to mark their territory and “howl” for females but this won’t be a problem if you get him neutered

If you prefer to get a girl, don’t forget that:

  1. Female cats tend to be more reserved than males but are less likely to urinate to mark their territory
  2. Females howl when they go into heat and can become pregnant before their first year

As soon he brought the kittens in, they started running around, playing and have fun. Mum cat was chilling on the carpet in the living room. She was a beautiful tabby grey cat; his coat was very shiny and she was really friendly even with if we jut met her. She let me strike her without any problem and I can tell you that she was loving being strike by me!

My husband started playing with the two boys. It was so nice seeing the kittens playing and interacting with him. After a bit, the breeder gave me one of the boys and said to me that this cutie loved to have his belly rubbed. So, I just took this tiny cute kitty in my arms and I started to rub his belly. And surprise, surprise…he was peacefully chilling and relaxing in my arms while was enjoying being rubbed! His brother instead was very shy. Even if he played with my husband, he didn’t want to be touched and was always running away from us. So after almost 45 minutes spent with the kittens, my husband and I decided to pick the one who enjoyed have his belly rubbed!

So, even if you have already pick the gender for your kitten, it’s also important consider his personality before choose the right one for you.

These are some points to take in consideration to choose a kitten with a good personality:

  1. Watch how the kittens in a litter interact with his siblings
  2. Choose a kitten that is playful, confident, and inquisitive but not too aggressive

Before we started to get the kitten ready to go in the carrier, the breeder gave us some advises to make sure our kitty would grow happy and healthy. He said to us to get him a scratching pole to scratch his claws and then gave us some suggestions about the feeding. He assured us that our kitten was fully weaned and advised us to give him the same food that he was using until he would be settle in our house and give him food as much as he asks for. He gave us also all the details about his birthday and flea and worm treatment so we could give all the necessary information to the veterinary clinic when we would go to register our kitty. However, our fur baby didn’t have the vaccinations done due to Covid-19. The breeder explained that the veterinary clinics were just treating the emergency cases due to Covid -19 and he advised us to go and get him vaccinated as soon as possible. This was very professional and nice of him and extremely helpful for us.

Before we took our kitty, we wanted to be sure that he was healthy.

These are the visual health checks that you should do to make sure you choose a heathy kitten:

  1. Make sure his eyes are clear, fully open, with no discharge and he is able to follow a piece of string dragged across the floor.
  2. Make sure his nose is clean with no discharge and he is not sneezing or labored breathing.
  3. Check that his ears are clean with no odor
  4. Check that the gums are pink, there are no sores or ulcers in the mouth or on the tongue and the teeth are white and properly aligned. Also there should be no odor to the breath.
  5. Make sure his anal area is clean with no discoloration or matted fur, or evidence of parasites
  6. Check that is coat is clean, soft with no dandruff, no evidence of parasites, such as fleas or lice and no evidence of scratching, scabs or missing hair.
  7. Make sure his body has a symmetrical shape, and it’s not too thin or has a protruding belly, which could indicate a intestinal parasite problem.
  8. Check that there are no lumps or bumps, including at the umbilicus (belly button).
  9. Make sure that he has coordinated movements with no head tremors.
  10. Make sure he has good appetite and has been fully weaned.
  11. If it doesn’t look 10 weeks old al least, don’t take the kitten.
  12. Make sure he has had the vaccinations if possible. It would be ideal if the breeder has already vaccinated the kitty but sometimes it can happen that the kitten hasn’t been vaccinated. So just make sure to take an appointment with the Vet straight away to vaccinate the kitty.

Finally, the moment the we’ve been waiting for so long, was becoming real: we put our kitten carefully in the carrier and here we go!!! We got our fur baby!

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