Chapter 3: Get your home ready and kitten proof

You have found your perfect kitty but is your home ready to welcome him?

After we found our perfect bundle of fur, my husband and I went kitten shopping to make sure we were absolutely ready for our his arrival.

The essential items that you will need are:

  1. Food and water bowls
  2. Litter box
  3. Litter
  4. Bed
  5. Scratching post
  6. Grooming tools
  7. Toys

But, for each of them, you need to take some factors in consideration.

Food  and water bowl

  1. Bowl material: Choose bowls made of ceramic or stainless steel and avoid plastic one because bacteria can survive on the surface and cause health problems to your kitty
  2. Depth of the bowl: Take in consideration the depth of the bowl! Cats prefer shallow and wide bowls because they are very sensitive to the feel of the dish around their little whiskers
  3. Location: Locate the bowls in a quiet place and far away from the litter box. No one wants to eat his meals by the toilet, smelling his poop!
  4. Cleaning: Clean the bowls at least once a day so bacteria doesn’t collect and smell.


Litter Box

  1. Size: pick one that is the right size for your kitty and allow him to have enough space to step all the way into the box, turn around comfortably and dig a hole to do his business!
  2. Location: just locate the litter box in a quiet place where your kitty feels comfortable and not too far from your sight, so you won’t forget to clean it!
  3. Style: you have so many options on the market as open litter boxes, closed litter boxes and also enclosed one! The best thing to do is just try one and see which one your kitty like!
  4. Litter box scoop: always make sure you have a scoop to clean the litter box. This will make your life easier when it’s time to clean!



  1. Cat approved: make sure at the beginning to use the same litter that the breed or the Rescue Centre/ Shelter was using so your kitty can settle in your home very nicely. Then, when he learnt how to use the litter and he is settled in, you can choose the litter that works best for you and your kitty. Bear in mind that it might take few tries!!
  2. No scented and dust free: make sure to choose a litter that is unscented because cats really don’t like strong scent and as dust-free because dust can cause respiratory problems to cats!



  1. Size: choose the right size for your kitten, keep in mind that he will keep growing for a while!
  2. Comfort: make sure the bed is comfortable and cozy enough for kitty, so he will enjoy sleeping in there and he will not have his nap in your laundry basket or on your bed!
  3. Washability: make sure the bed is washable. This will reduce the spread of the bacteria and the odors!
  4. Cat approval: always choose a bed that your kitty likes!



  1. For start, just use the same food that the breeder or the Rescue Centre/ Shelter was using so your kitty can settle in your home! When he is settle in, you can start to think to change his food with appropriate, good quality food to ensure your kitty grows healthy and happy!


Scratching post

  1. Material: choose a post made with a very durable material such as sisal so your kitty will enjoy to sink his claws in it and you won’t need to replace it often!
  2. Height: make sure to choose a scratching post with the right height because your kitty will use it not only to dig his claws in it but also to stretch his whole body!
  3. Stability: choose a scratching post that will be stable enough and it won’t’ fall when your kitty tries to scratch his claws on it!
  4. Location: make sure to locate the post in front of the object that your kitty is trying to scratch his claws on it, so he will choose to scratch his claws on the post and not on your furniture! When he will learn how to use it and it will become an habit for him, you can feel free to move it where it’s more appropriate!


Grooming tools

  1. Hair Length: make sure to pick the right brush for your kitty considering his hair length! If your kitty has short hair, you have three options: grooming glove, shedding comb or slicker brush once a week! Nice and easy! If your kitty has medium length hair, choose a slicker brush and groom it once a day. If instead, your kitty has long-hair get ready to use a slicker brush and shedding comb every day or you will be in trouble!
  2. Comfort: Just try different types of brush and find which one your kitty find comfortable but also make sure the brush is comfortable for you as well! At the end of the day it’s you that brush the kitty’s fur!!!
  3. Clean-Up: choose a brush that it’s easy to clean and will allow you to remove easily the hair from it without doing a mess!!



  1. Texture: cat toys have different texture and you can choose between a feather-covered toy, a leather toy, a fuzzy one, a crinkly one, fabric-covered, hard, soft! Just picks toys with different texture and find out which one your kitty likes!
  2. Durability: make sure to choose good toys, not easy to break so you can assure to your kitty long hours of playing and entertainment!
  3. Safety: inspect very well the toys to make sure there are no glued-on parts that could be swallowed, strings or sharp pieces so your kitty can play happy and safe!
  4. Easy to carry in mouth: choose toys that are plush, small, and lightweight. Cats are hunters so when they play they just use their hunting instinct and at the end of the play-hunt they likes to pick the toy up in their mouth and carry it after they have successfully “killed” it!
  5. Homemade toys: cats don’t need special toys, you can easily make cat toys at home whit just what you have in your home! The web is full of amazing ideas that will help you create cat toys with zero costs!


After my husband and I went for kitten shopping and set all the items in our home, we decided to make sure that our flat was kitten proof for our kitty. We really didn’t want to harm our new kitty ad we really wanted to give him a safe and secure place where he could live happy and heathy!

So, here there are some tips to make your home a friendly and safe space, based on our personal experience:

  1. Keep all windows and doors closed until you kitty has settled in, has had all his vaccinations and has been neutered!
  2. Keep your plastic bags in safe place because if your kitty chew them or swallow them, they can cause a serious hazard to your kitty health!
  3. Keep always close the oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, tumble-dryer and washing machine and check inside for exploring cats before using them! Small kittens can hide anywhere and they always discover new hiding places!
  4. Always keep toilet lids down, so your kitten wont’t fall in or drink it!
  5. Make sure to hide all trailing electrical cables behind furniture!
  6. Make sure that all your bins in your kitchen and bathroom have closable lids that are paw-proof and don’t leave bin bags where kitten can easily reach it!
  7. Keep your blinds and curtains out of paws reach.
  8. Put away any breakable ornaments, as they won’t last long with a curious kitten exploring your home all day long!
  9. Keep your kitchen countertops clear and clean up any food residue promptly.
  10. Remove plants that are dangerous for cats
  11. Keep medicines, cleaning and hygiene products, car-related products, beauty or decorating products, slug pellets, mothballs, rat/mouse poisons, potpourri oils, fabric softener sheets, dishwasher detergents, batteries, homemade play dough, hand or foot warmer, cigarettes, leftover coffee grounds, alcohol, chocolate in secure cupboards away from prying claws because they contain dangerous substances that can seriously harm your kitty’s health!

Now the home is ready to welcome our new cute bundle of hair and we can’t wait to share it with the new member of the family!

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